What is the difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass?

2024-05-10 11:00:47

What is the difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass?

When it comes to quartz glass, I believe many people don’t know what it is, of course, some people do. It has a series of excellent properties that ordinary glass can’t match, and is praised as the “King of Glass” by experts in the field of new materials.

1. Different hardness

The hardness of the former can generally reach Mohs 7, while the hardness of the latter can generally only reach around 5.5 to 6.

2. Different light transmittance

The former can transmit infrared and ultraviolet rays, while the latter cannot.

3. Different colors

The former is generally colorless, and the latter is generally colorful.

4. Different high temperature resistance

After the former is burned red, it is not easy to burst even if it is immediately put into water, and the latter will burst immediately once it burns.

What are the precautions for using quartz glass

1. The products produced are usually valuable products, so when you take the products, you must be careful and handle them carefully.

2. The high temperature resistance of quartz glass is limited, so when you use it, you must not exceed the specified temperature. If exceeded, It is easy to cause softening or crystallization.

3. If the quartz glass needs to be used in a high temperature environment, it should be wiped clean first, then soaked in detergent, and then treated with alcohol. In order to avoid damage to the skin, it is recommended that you wear gloves during operation, and you should not touch the quartz glass with your hands.

4. It is an acidic material. If used in a high temperature environment, it is absolutely not allowed to contact quartz glass and alkaline substances. If you accidentally touch it, it is easy to cause the anti-crystallization performance to deteriorate.


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