Endless Diamond Wire LoopEndless Diamond Wire LoopEndless Diamond Wire LoopEndless Diamond Wire Loop
Endless Diamond Wire LoopEndless Diamond Wire LoopEndless Diamond Wire LoopEndless Diamond Wire Loop

Endless Diamond Wire Loop

Product Features:

Diamond cutting wire is mainly used to cut hard and brittle materials such as Silicon Crystal, Silicon Carbide, Crystal, Gem, Quartz, Optical Glass, Graphite, Ceramics, Tires, Rubber, Insulation Materials, Magnetic Materials, Metal, Meteorite, Ultra-thin Stone, Foam Cement, Corrugated Paper, etc, all materials softer than diamond can be cut.

Endless Diamond Wire Loop

Endless Diamond Wire Loop Description

The endless wire saw is the perfect tool for cutting hard materials. It is made with a durable diamond wire that can cut through materials like glass, ceramic, silicon, metal and other material softer than diamond . The best thing is the cutting wire is made as a loop (no ends) .it’s also called looped diamond wire or continous diamond wire .

When you used endless diamond wire loop as cutting tool ,you need an endless diamond wire saw firstly. Traditional wire saw with spooled diamond wire can’t use it. And bandsaw can be modified to an endless wire saw.

  • Overcome strength with softness

    Endless diamond wire cutting is a flexible cutting which reduce edge breakage rate 60%↓.

  • Less +200%↓ kerf loss

    Less kerf loss due to thinnest 0.25 mm diameter.

  • No reversing mark, 0.3mm thin wire cutting

    One-way cutting will make the cutting surface really smooth, Endless diamond wire is as thin as 0.3mm.

  • More Sharp with patented diamond grains

    Diamond grains are fully and continuously coated on the wire with cutting efficiency ↑65%.

products application

Materials diamond wire loop cut: Sapphire, Glass, Artificial crysal, Silicon, Magnetics, New material, Gem-stone, Ultrathin marble, Granite, Foamed aluminium, Rock wool, Foam cement, Ceramic, Graphite, Tire, Hollow brick, Corrugated paper, etc.
  • Higher 200%-500% efficiency

    With high cutting speed(Max 60m/s) greatly improving work efficiency.

  • Unlimited cutting material:

    Can cut any material with a hardness lower than diamond( non-conductive materials. semiconductor materials, and conductive brittle materials.)

  • Cost down 100%-600%:

    Diamond wire cutting has high efficiency, precision, and wear resistance; One person can operate multiple devices, saving 85% labor costs.

How do I use an endless diamond wire saw?

To use an endless diamond wire saw, simply attach the saw to a power source and feed the wire through the material you want to cut. The wire will cut through the material quickly and easily.

How long will a endless diamond wire last?

The lifespan of a endless diamond wire will vary depending on the material you are cutting and the thickness of the wire. However, most diamond wires will last for several days of use.

Endless Diamond Wire Loop Parameter

Diamond Wire Loop Parameters

Outer Diameter


Core Wire


Grain Size


Tensile Strength


Recommend Loop Length


Max Loop Length


0.3 0.24 D25 60-80 1000-3000 30000 Dry/Wet
0.35 0.24 D46 60-80 1000-3000
0.45 0.3 D46 80-100 1000-6000
0.5 0.36 D76 100-120 1000-6000
0.6 0.39 D107 100-120 1000-6000
0.8 0.51 D126 180-200 1000-6000
1.8 1.2 D213 200-300 2500-1000
2.5 2 D213 300-400 2500-10000

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