Excellent properties and application fields of silicon carbide ceramics

2024-05-10 11:09:31

Excellent properties and application fields of silicon carbide ceramics

As a high-performance structural ceramic material, silicon carbide ceramics have excellent comprehensive properties that cannot be matched by structural materials such as metals:

(1) High temperature strength, small high temperature creep, suitable for various high temperature environments.

(2) Low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, and excellent thermal shock resistance.

(3) High chemical stability and good corrosion resistance.

(4) High hardness, low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance.

(5) Low density, high elastic modulus.

(6) The resistivity characteristics can be customized and can be used as semiconductor characteristics, so it can be widely used in many fields.

Silicon carbide ceramics are generally used as high-temperature kiln furniture materials in roller kilns, tunnel kilns, and shuttle kilns for high-end daily-use ceramics, sanitary porcelain, high-voltage electric porcelain, glass and other industries.

Silicon carbide ceramics have excellent high temperature strength, excellent high temperature creep resistance and thermal shock resistance, and are one of the main materials for thermal engine components in rockets, aircraft, Automobile engines and gas turbines.

For example, the AGT100 automotive ceramic gas turbine developed by General Motors uses silicon carbide ceramics as high-temperature components such as combustion chamber rings, combustion chamber cylinders, guide vanes and turbine rotors.

Silicon carbide ceramics are also considered to be one of the most promising high-performance bulletproof armor materials. The hardness of silicon carbide is second only to diamond and boron carbide.

In recent years, silicon carbide ceramic bulletproof armor has been increasingly widely used in armor protection fields such as individual equipment, army armored weapon platforms, armed helicopters, police and civilian special vehicles.

Silicon carbide ceramic materials have excellent mechanical properties, hot, amphetamine physical and chemical properties. They are widely used not only in traditional industrial fields, but also in high-tech fields such as semiconductors, nuclear energy, and national defense. The application is also expanding, and the application prospects are very broad.

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