Cutting method of optical glass raw materials

2024-04-24 09:57:07

Cutting method of optical glass raw materials.

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Cutting method of optical glass raw materials:
When cutting optical glass raw materials, there are several methods available. These include:

Mechanical cutting:
This method involves using machinery such as saws or cutters to physically cut the raw material of optical glass. Due to its efficiency it is often used in mass production. However, this can result in rough edges and requires additional finishing to achieve the desired surface quality.

Diamond blade cutting:
Diamond blades, known for their high hardness and wear resistance, are used to cut raw materials. This method provides precise and clean cuts, making it suitable for complex shapes and reducing the need for additional finishing. However, diamond Blades are expensive and wear out over time, requiring frequent replacement.

Infinity diamond wire saw cutting:
This technique involves the use of wires embedded with abrasive particles, such as diamond grit, to cut through raw material. It is ideal for high-precision cutting of large blocks or ingots into thinner slices. The wire saw cutting process minimizes material loss and provides Smooth surface. However, it can be slower than other methods and requires careful control to prevent breakage.

Water jet cutting:
Waterjet cutting involves the use of a powerful pressurized stream of water, combined with abrasive particles, to effectively cut through raw materials. It is a versatile method suitable for a variety of shapes and thicknesses. Waterjet cutting does not generate heat, avoiding thermal damage to the material. However, this may result in slightly rough edges and the need for additional cleaning after cutting.


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