Diamond Cutting Wire Introduction

2024-06-06 17:27:08

Many hard materials in industry are cut with cutting steel wire or higher quality diamond wire, such as polycrystalline silicon slices, monocrystalline silicon, and crystal rods in the photovoltaic field. For cutting steel wire, its material will be extremely important. During use, excessive wire breakage and poor product quality are related to the material of the steel wire. The mainstream silicon wafer cutting wire used in the photovoltaic field is ultra-fine cutting steel wire, with a diameter of about 120um. The raw material is high-carbon steel, and the material ranges from 80C, 86C, and 90C. Diamond cutting wire, as the name suggests, is related to diamond. Generally speaking, it is a diamond cutting wire made by embedding tiny diamond particles on the cutting steel wire. As we know, diamond is a super-hard and widely used cutting material. Diamond wire has diamond micro-teeth, which increases the cutting ability of steel wire and can greatly speed up the cutting speed and cutting ability. Diamond wire is a revolutionary progress for the solar silicon material cutting industry. Therefore, it is generally expected that its future application will be very extensive and the cost will be high.

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