Application example of diamond wire cutting machine in silicon carbide

2024-06-19 16:48:10

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a third-generation semiconductor material with the advantages of large bandgap, high critical breakdown field strength, and high thermal conductivity. It is an ideal material for making high-voltage and high-power semiconductor devices. Although it is extremely important to grow high-quality and large-diameter SiC single crystals, wafer processing plays a decisive role in the surface quality of the wafer. It is very important to cut the bulk single crystal into wafers with small warpage, uniform thickness, and small knife loss, otherwise it will bring great difficulties to the subsequent grinding and polishing work. Since the Mohs hardness of SiC is 9.2, second only to diamond (its Mohs hardness is 10), it is very difficult to process. When the diameter of the crystal reaches 2 inches, the conventional inner circle cutting machine cannot work effectively, and diamond wire cutting technology must be used.


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