The operation principle of wire cutting machine

2024-07-10 16:35:38

The wire cutting machine and its CNC operating system are outstanding in cutting function and cutting accuracy, especially its cutting stability and anti-interference, which ensure the CNC operation of the entire processing process, thereby ensuring the good use of the diamond wire cutting machine:
1. Selection of diamond wire: Because reciprocating wire cutting processing uses the reciprocating motion of the diamond wire and the cutting fluid as the medium, under the control of the CNC system, the X-Y axis of the workbench moves along the predetermined trajectory, so that the diamond wire and the workpiece are cut to achieve the purpose of processing. Therefore, the material of the diamond wire is also very important. High-quality diamond wire can be processed stably, reduce wire breakage and twisting, ensure the smoothness of the cutting surface, and improve cutting accuracy.
2. CNC system: The handle-type operating system is a humanized interactive mode processing system independently developed by Shenghai. It can set multiple pieces of continuous cutting, accurately set the cutting thickness, and adjust the cutting speed at any time. It is convenient and easy to learn.
3. Correct setting of parameters: Under the condition of correct connection, the parameter setting is crucial for the normal operation of the servo control system. Especially the rigidity and speed loop integral time constant.
4. Equipment configuration:
(1) The closed exterior design effectively prevents the splashing of cutting waste, which is environmentally friendly and safe;
(2) The one-piece body structure uses a high-strength cast iron molding base as the load-bearing component of the machine tool to ensure that the equipment will not be affected by its own hardness during processing, thereby increasing the durability and stability of the equipment
(3) The X and Y axes use imported high-precision linear guides and high-precision ball screws to ensure the stability of the equipment during processing.
(4) The wire drum is made of polyurethane material, which is durable and wear-resistant. Whether at high or low speed, it can ensure
the smooth operation of the sanding line and accurate line arrangement to ensure processing quality.

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