Diamond wire cutting machine application scenarios

2024-07-01 17:48:46

When the material being processed is not conductive and needs to be processed by wire cutting, the EDM wire cutting machine will lose its effect. For this reason, the diamond wire cutting machine begins to show its processing advantages. It can cut conductive and non-conductive materials (as long as the hardness is smaller than that of the diamond wire). Therefore, the diamond wire cutting machine is widely used to cut various metal and non-metal composite materials, such as ceramics, glass, rocks, gemstones, jade, meteorites, single crystal silicon, silicon carbide, polycrystalline silicon, refractory bricks, epoxy boards, ferrites, PCBs, as well as building materials, dental materials, biological and bionic composite materials, etc. It is particularly suitable for cutting various brittle crystals with high hardness, high value and easy to break.


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