Classification of new functional ceramic materials

2024-04-30 09:24:16

Classification of new functional ceramic materials
New functional ceramic materials are dielectric materials with electrical, magnetic, optical, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, chemical or biological functions. Functional ceramic materials are of various types and widely used, mainly including new ceramic materials with different functions such as ferroelectric, piezoelectric, dielectric, pyroelectric, semiconductor, electro-optical and magnetic.

New functional ceramic materials are important basic materials in modern high-tech fields such as electronic information, integrated circuits, mobile communications, energy technology, as well as national defense and military industries. Functional ceramics and their new electronic components are of great strategic significance to the development of the information industry and the enhancement of comprehensive national strength.

Insulating ceramics
Insulating ceramics refer to ceramic materials used in electronic equipment as installation, fixing, support, protection, insulation, isolation and connection of various radio components and equipment. Insulating ceramics are required to have high volume resistivity, low dielectric constant, low loss factor, high dielectric strength, corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.

Insulating ceramics are widely used in circuit substrates, packaging, high-frequency insulating ceramics and other industries. The main equipment is insulators, spark plugs, Resistor substrate and integrated circuit substrate.

Semiconductor ceramics
Semiconductor ceramics refer to polycrystalline ceramic materials formed by ceramic technology. Unlike polycrystalline semiconductors, semiconductor ceramics have a large number of grain boundaries, and the semiconductor of the grains is completed during the sintering process, so they have rich material microstructure states and various process conditions, especially suitable for sensitive materials.

In addition to semiconductor grain boundary ceramic capacitors, the sensitive materials currently used mainly include thermosensitive materials, voltage-sensitive materials, photosensitive materials, gas-sensitive materials, and humidity-sensitive materials.

Dielectric ceramics
Dielectric ceramics, also known as dielectric ceramics, refer to functional ceramics that have polarization ability under the action of an electric field and can establish an electric field in the body for a long time. Dielectric ceramics have the characteristics of high insulation resistance, high withstand voltage, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, and are mainly used in capacitors and microwave circuit components.

Dielectric ceramics include ceramic dielectric materials such as ferroelectric ceramics, semiconductor dielectric ceramics, high-frequency dielectric ceramics, and microwave dielectric ceramics.

Piezoelectric ceramics
Piezoelectric ceramics refers to the general term for ferroelectric ceramics, which are polycrystals formed by sintering oxides (zirconia, lead monoxide, titanium dioxide, etc.) in high temperature and solid phase reaction, and treated by DC high voltage polarization to give it a piezoelectric effect.

It is a functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other. Due to its good mechanical properties and stable piezoelectric properties, piezoelectric ceramics are an important force, heat, electrosensitive and photosensitive functional materials. It has been widely used in sensors, ultrasonic transducers, micro-displacers and other electronic components.

Common piezoelectric components include sensors, gas igniters, alarms, audio equipment, medical diagnostic equipment and communications. The usual piezoelectric material is PZT, and the new piezoelectric ceramic materials mainly include: high sensitivity, high stability piezoelectric ceramic materials, electrostrictive ceramic materials, pyroelectric ceramic materials, etc.

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